Saturday, August 26, 2006

Ferrari 612 Scaglietti

I saw this 612 at Flemings yesterday. There is usually a Bentley Contninentel GT (posted) or a BMW M6 parked there, but I was pleasantly suprised by this 612 that I had previously seen and tried to get pitsures of. Hopefully next time I'll see it in the day so I don't have to photoshop it to make it brighter...



hmmm no name? said...

Holy crap you're lucky..

Flemings?? Is that actually in Tucson?

I've seen some Countachs, Gallardos, Arnages, Maybachs, etc. but never an XJ220, Carrera GT or a Scaglietti here. There's a yellow CGT rumored to live over on the east side but I have yet to see it.

You're one lucky mofo ;)

Otis on 6:38 AM said...

I definetly could be worse off. I do consider myself lucky when I see these cars, its not an everyday occurence. I've never seen a Countach, Maybach and I've only seen one Gallardo here. YOu should consider yourself lucky too!

Thanks for the comment,



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